Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Anxietea


     We've all been there, and by 'there', I mean at the edge of a cliff, waiting for the wind to blow you over.  Metaphorically of course.  If you have ever been stressed out to


degree, you'll appreciate how stressful being stressed out actually is!  It can take a major toll on you mentally and physically.  If you've ever dealt with anxiety, or know somebody who has, you'll appreciate how desperately we need a solution, and an alternative to medication.

Enter anxietea.

There are many teas that are naturally soothing and used as alternative relaxers in various cultures, but there is nothing like


, a formulation of tea leaves specifically calculated to ease anxiety.

In the pre-launch phase - aka now - there are three different tea mixes in the collection:

1. Calm

the morning tea

Irish breakfast-styled blend of Ceylon sonata tea and Assam melody tea

2. Control

the daytime tea

blend of darjeeling sungma summer tea and peppermint leaves with a subtle boost of peach undertones

3. Quiet

the night-time tea

blend of chamomile, lemon balm and hibiscus teas

If you haven't been over to

before, then do so now!  They are all over social media and are about to become the next big thing in your pantry.




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