How Going Vintage Will Make You Hip and Thrifty

There’s a trend going around, but I’m not sure that that’s really what you can call it.  Is something a trend if it’s already been a trend, say, thirty years ago?  I’m talking about vintage.  Vintage clothes, vintage décor, vintage electronics, vintage art.  It’s all in style.  Scary, isn’t it, when the little things you grew up with are now being mass produced in your nearest department store?  Tell me about it; I feel old.  I knew there was a reason I saved my cassette player!



I take my mother to an antique market every year on mother’s day, and it has made me realize how much money I put out for new, mass-produced, perfectly-constructed products when there are better quality ones in need of a home.  Why would I buy a leather jacket at the mall that I know will fall apart next week when the vintage shop down the road is offering me a one-of-a-kind 80s leather jacket for half the price?  It looks sad up there on the rack, old and unwanted, but all it’s looking for is a little dusting and TLC to be brought into 2016.


But really, the idea of vintage is turning into a very real lifestyle adopted by millennials all over the world.  It’s practical and down-to-earth cool.  When you go vintage, even though you’re opting into a widespread concept, everybody’s interpretation of ‘vintage’ is different.  No vintage will ever be the same.  In a world where individuality is gaining value like no tomorrow, being the one and only version of you is something to take seriously.  If you’re contemplating ‘the vintage life’, you might want to check out these three niches.



            The most obvious form of vintage is clothing and accessories.  Consignments stores are cropping up all over the place, making your unique style easily achievable!  They’ll sell you anything from last season’s Marc Jacobs to your grandmother’s moth-eating slippers at a very reasonable price.  A vintage wardrobe is sure to save you money and give you the benefit of not owning the same Urban Outfitters sweater that every other girl is wearing.



            As a general rule, artists don’t become famous until they’re dead.  I’m no pessimist, just a realist unfortunately.  But the neat thing about this pattern is that almost all art is vintage!  I firmly believe that all young adults should go after at least one real piece of art for their wall.  By real, I mean a well done original that’s within your price range, not some cheap print off the Internet.  Art will always have value, and often, will increase in value over time.  Besides having something nice to look at when friends come over, a piece of art is a solid investment.


Home Décor

            Probably the most difficult to curate is the vintage home.  Oftentimes, a rookie ‘vintager’ will collect a variety of knick-knacks that lead to a house resembling the lost-and-found bin.  But if I had to give advice, I would suggest you start by taking a visit to your parents’ house…yes, your parents are vintage.  And so is a lot of their stuff.  If you look closely and choose wisely, you could save your wallet from buying overpriced replicas that all of your friends probably already have on display. 

            Going vintage can become a real hobby!  Heck, it could become a fulltime job if you wanted to make it one.  I know my wallet needs a break and I know that I need a little more creativity in my life.  It only takes one little trip over to Pinterest to get hooked!

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