Sorry Coffee Co

Sorry Coffee Co

Sorry Coffee Co is a coffee shop run by Kit and Ace, with two locations - Toronto and London.  Each month, the coffee cup logo changes, featuring a design that has been submitted by a local artist.  


Below is my design for the Toronto location.



The concept is to build advertising and social media marketing into the design.  Sorry Coffee Co is a trendy place where young people go to meet up.  This target market comes with its own promotional services: each individual's ability to share their experiences via social media.


That said, Sorry Coffee Co must exploit the consumer's desire to share photos on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, by designing the cup to be legible in a selfie.  The average product appears reversed in a selfie, which makes it difficult for the viewer to read product labelling.  By printing the company logo reversed on Sorry's coffee cups, we are subconsciously encouraging customers to take selfies with the product.  In addition, the # symbol incorporated into the logo drives the notion of social networking home.  After buying a cup of Sorry coffee, the intention of this design is to encourage the consumer to take a selfie with her friends and her coffee, post it on Instagram or Twitter, and use the hashtag #Sorry or #SorryCoffee Co.


Furthermore, the reversed 3-dimensional look is trendy, while also proving to be functional and forward-thinking.  What more could a company want from a paper cup?


The original post is available in my portfolio here.

If you know anybody who works at Kit & Ace, or at Sorry Coffee Co., please show them this design!  You can download my contact information by clicking the button below.