Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Extraordinary Ordinary Day

North American society has seen a push for authentic living lately.  Farm to table, farm to closet, average-sized models, diversity of representation… the list goes on.  Being a genuine individual is of great value in this changing world, where the masses are simply variations of a commercial trend.  

If expressing your true individuality is an inspiring idea to you, this shoe designer will be as well.  Extraordinary Ordinary Day is a one-to-watch brand from the South-Western Hemisphere with select boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, and yes, Toronto!  Ashley Lim’s Australian-based collection is a leader in fashion authenticity.  On the one hand, Ashley’s conservative upbringing in Seoul propelled her to become adventurous in her creativity, ultimately leading to EOD and her third collection, #Confession.  On the other hand, her knowledge of industry resources back in Seoul allowed her to tap into the hand-craftsmanship of her origins.  As a result, EOD is vibrant, unusual, and well-made.  

Every pair of EOD shoes is handcrafted by a family-owned workshop in Seoul, Asia’s epicentre of premium quality shoe construction.

My absolute favourite shoe that EOD has created is called Venus.  It taps into various aspects of fashion that you see on the street right now, such as dainty ankle wraps and straps, and combines this with a closed-toe loafer-style front.  It’s basically the mullet of footwear: professional and stylish, classy and feminine.  





The latest collection, #Confession features a little beauty called Sheba.  Every inch is constructed to reveal the real you.  This particular design throws together a chunky heel, a fantastically gripped sole, and a lick of metallic to make walking through the city streets fashionable and practical.  No need to worry about heels getting stuck in grates, or blisters and bruises.  Match the Sheba with a rose gold watch or a silver arm bangle to dominate the work place or master a night out on the town.





There really isn’t anything you can’t do with EOD style, because it’s designed to bring out the best version of you!  I’m in love with Ashley Lim’s footwear, and I hope you are too.  

The #Confession collection is available online at eodstyle.com and in select boutiques worldwide. Please explore the website for further details.