Our world has just become a factory of artificial interactions.  Think about it.  Reflect on the past twenty-four hours of your daily routine and try to count the number of machines you have interacted with.  Televisions, cell phones, ATM’s, debit and credit machines, laptops… the list goes on.  It’s scary; real life interactions are being annihilated by robots and automated devices.  What kind of a lifestyle is that?


Artificial cyber interactions have become so commonplace in our world, for the sake of ‘convenience’, that we have become numb to the coldness and impersonal nature of it all.


We at Zahara’s Boutique are all shaking our heads and asking, “Really?  Is this the direction our world is going in?”  Whether society agrees with us or not, we believe in authentic personal interactions.  The in-store experience is so integral to Zahara’s that we could not imagine functioning any other way.  Getting to know our customers on a personal basis, as the strong, independent women that they are, is crucial to our ability to provide unique, customized style suggestions.  


The mission of Zahara’s Boutique is to ensure that all women know the inherent beauty they possess, and this wouldn’t at all be possible without the staff and in-store experience we provide.  Each woman is there to help you look yourself in the mirror and love what you see.  Our daily goal is to send customers home feeling confident and beautiful, like a personal fashion stylist, which relies heavily on the in-store atmosphere that we strive to maintain positive and nurturing.  There is no such thing as a commission sale at Zahara’s; every experience is a collaboration of creativity and genuine honesty.  We encourage you to bring in clothing items you already own and have difficulty styling, so that we can better assist you in putting together the perfect outfit.  Every Zahara’s woman is well-versed and knowledgeable in each line that is carried within store.


We love what we do and want our love to shine through!  Unlike chain stores, Zahara’s staff look forward to coming to work each morning and interacting with Zahara’s friends.  Whether you are a new customer or a Zahara’s veteran, putting a smile on your face is the ultimate achievement for us.  No matter where you are in your life, Zahara’s is here to show you just how beautiful you really are.