Five Celebrities That Would Make Great Colleagues

Five Celebrities That Would Make Great Colleagues

There are some days, when we love what we do.  But there are also days at work when career girls like you and I could use a little extra entertainment in the office.  If I had my choice, these five celebrities would be my top five picks for entertaining coworkers.  


Kate Hudson

    Fierce, determined, and gorgeous.  Enough said.  Definitely best friend material.


Cara Delevingne

    What a great sense of humour!  There’s nothing like an added quirk here and there.  If you’re in a mid-day slump, Cara’s got your back.


Emma Watson

    Talk about somebody who has their s*£@t together!  Emma could take down any opposition in the blink of an eye.  Have a pitch you need to sell?  She’ll sell it.  Have a battle you need fought?  She’ll win it.


Adam Levine

    A man who is easy on the eyes, with a sweet sweet voice to boot.  How could a girl resist?


    Need I say anymore?  She can pull the strings, any strings, and get everybody to love her while doing it.  Oprah is fabulous.  Oprah is the queen.  Oprah would have a prestigious corner office with red velvet curtains and an ostentatious display of bedazzled Swarovski desk accessories.  Oprah is the ultimate celebrity colleague for any career girl.

What kind of crazy office situation can you imagine living in?