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This amazingly talented young woman wows me with her creativity in writing, photography and artwork. I have been working with Britany close to three years now. Her way with words and artistic eye keeps me captivated. Where sometimes I have difficulty putting my thoughts down on paper....Britany's sense of style while writing comes so fluidly. All that she does is honest, sometimes raw, innovative and beautifully captured. I look forward spending many more years working with her and watching her avant-garde life unfold.

- Heather Leavens, HFLifestyle


The daily grind of working at a café, pouring espresso after espresso, frothing non-fat milk after non-fat milk, coupled with the myriad of odd requests, can eventually become mundane.

(Yes, not always glamorous.)

But what made me stay for as long as I did—why we all stayed—was each other. 

Colleagues like Britany Powell, whom I had the absolute pleasure of sharing an espresso machine with for a year, was one of those people. 

It’s not everyday that you meet people like Britany.

I still remember her first day—despite having any previous café experience, she quickly rolled up her sleeves and got straight to work. 

By the end of her shift we were criss-crossing arms, reaching for milk and pouring espresso in synchronicity as she called out “large, almond milk, no foam lattes,” to customers by their name.

I was impressed.

Her laugh is infectious, and her resilience—a determination to be the best—even if it’s simply making espresso, was contagious. 

She was always professional, on time, and willing to assist in any task requested.

It did not take long before she crossed over from colleague to one of my most trusted and valued friends. 

With that being said, I highly recommend Britany Powell as a future employee.

Her persona is unmatched; her determination to learn and work hard was inspiring. 

Britany was of great value to the team, and I have no doubt she will rise above any occasion to surpass expectations in any task. 


Sonia El Boury

- Sonia El Boury, Goldstar Café, soniaelboury.ca

Britany Powell is a creative force! She is a modern-day Renaissance woman who capably does it all. Britany's work ethic and exemplary ability to engage in creative problem-solving on the spot make her a stand-out in her field. Her work brilliantly marries aesthetics with innovation.

-Sandy Hutton



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